Are You Searching Mangalagiri Pattu sarees for an upcoming occasion?

In India, Mangalagiri Pattu sarees are the emotion that carries many memorable memories for those who wear and watch. For example, your grandmother’s sarees, the wedding saree of your mother, the first gifted saree of your mother, and many more memories.

Mangalagiri sarees are one of the most famous sarees in the market that adds extra beauty and elegance to your look. Its color combination, detailed design, and smooth texture attract your eyes and once you buy it, you will never stop yourself from buying it again.

A brief history of Mangalagiri Pattu sarees

This saree is almost 500 years old and today approximately 5000 weavers are spending time to create these sarees for you. In the village of Mangalagiri, this textile is connected to religious beliefs so the temple uses Mangalagiri sarees for gods and goddesses. Its rich texture and smooth touch show the hard work of the artisans. For many years ago, people have enjoyed the essence of Mangalagiri Pattu sarees which show love for it.

Why should you buy it?

  • Colour and design

Minimum designs and solid colors are the main focus of the weavers while weaving a fabric that enhances its durability and makes it valid for every generation to wear.

  • Rich texture

Weavers of Mangalagiri sarees, put so much hard work into maintaining the texture, shine, and smoothness. Silver and gold zari work on pallu will stand out your beauty from the crowd.

  • Works for everywhere

Whether you want to wear it for a formal visit or an occasion, Mangalagiri Pattu sarees

are the best choice. Its minimal design and colors help to stand out from the crowd.

  • Durability and lightweight

You can enjoy the beauty of the Mangalagiri sarees in the long run because they have long-lasting durability. Its lightweight nature is one of the crucial features in a fast-moving world, these sarees give both beauty and comfort.

  • Uniqueness

The Mangalagiri pallu has global recognition for having a Nizam border with Zari, tribal designs with accents of Zari, and small checks, and the pallu or the saree borders are visible on both the top and bottom sides. This is the uniqueness of this saree which you cannot find in other sarees.

How to maintain the Mangalagiri Pattu sarees

  • Dry clean it after wearing it
  • Store in a dry and cool place.
  • Dry it in a shady palace so that its shine and colors are maintained for a long time.
  • Iron at low temperatures.
  • Drape properly to reduce the chances of sudden jerks.


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